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17' 1LE SS

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    Originally posted by JoeliusZ28 View Post
    That does look like a fun car! Is leather an option on the 1LEs or are they all cloth?
    I think they are all sueded microfiber, yes.

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      1LE's really don't offer many options outside of the package.
      Once you apply the 1Le package, you get the standard stuff in the package:

      Recaro Seats
      Brembo Brakes
      1LE wheels w/ supercar 3 tires 285/305
      Suede shifter and steering wheel
      matte wrap hood
      front splitter and rear spoiler
      1le suspension components

      When you try to change or add anything, they will remove the 1LE package. I was trying to get a sunroof but it wouldn't allow for example.

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        Ship it.


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          I can't wait to see how it does with a turbo package!

          I would be careful lowering it like some others have said. There are ride height sensors at each corner that feed back to the MR suspension. GM offers a lowering kit for the non-MR cars, maybe they will come out with one for the MR cars too. It is only like 20 mm on the non-MR, but you don't need much to change the look.