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Michigan FBody Association Events
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        Welcome to the Michigan FBody Association Events page! This website will be devoted to getting you all the information you need for our yearly Meet & Greet events! As we continue to grow and host more yearly events, we will update this website with all of them - possible ideas are track time and group dyno days.

        Our premier event of the year is the yearly Spring Meet & Greet Car Show! Our first show was in 2005 shortly after starting We wanted to have a little get together at the local metropark to put faces to names. It became a yearly tradition and in just over 5 years, it's grown at an extremely fast pace! Our first event had 25 cars while our last event (2013) had over 300! Each year we keep getting better, bigger, and bolder with our event. We have quickly become the biggest FBody show in the state of Michigan, and have started attracting participants from the entire Great Lakes region! So what are you waiting for? Mark your calendar for the next Meet & Greet on May 31st, 2014!


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