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224 ls1 cam and comp springs for sale

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  • 224 ls1 cam and comp springs for sale

    Ls1 cam and springs for sale cheap

    The cam is a 224/224 580's lift on a 114 the springs are comp 918's with the blue stripe. The springs are new and the cam was run in a friend of mines car for a season. Tuned right this cam got 25mpg on the highway and is a good street cam but is very mild.

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    I'm interested. Why was the cam removed? Do you have a dyno graph of it? What kind of power did it make and what mods? What is the build date of the springs? Who ground the cam? What kind of lobe profile? Define season further (your friend must know how many miles).

    PM me back the answers if you want or post here. Thanks in advance.

    Edit: Is there any advance built into the cam?