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95 Firebird Pontiac 350 Engine Project

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  • 95 Firebird Pontiac 350 Engine Project

    i recently ran across a Pontiac 350 and I?m interested in putting it in my v6 firebird. Is it anything like the v6 To lt1/ls1 swap? Any info would be greatly appreciated

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    It's a cool conversion, keeping it all Pontiac.

    But...I don't believe you will find much (if any) support for it in the aftermarket. That doesn't make it impossible, it just means you'll need to create more things on your own.

    I think a few folks on have done that swap. While there's little direct correlation between doing the swap in a 3rd gen. Vs. a 4th gen., it will give you an idea of what's involved.
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      I appreciate the info. Yea it has been a rough journey, but I refuse to give I?m going to check that website out now.


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        LS1Tech would be the site you want to search for this project. It's been done but there are issues you will run into such as having to cut/adjust/etc the firewall for the distributor. Here's one post I found regarding the swap, there are more however.


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          This a big job. The thread pointed out above is for a Chevy Small block. The PONTIAC 350 is an entirely different animal. It is (basically) the same block as the 400/455 and is a lot wider then an SBC, the trans bolt pattern is different from the Chevy bolt pattern. The starter is on the drivers side and the headers/exhaust manifolds will probably be in the way of the steering shaft. You will be in for a challenge getting this in there.
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            I didn't even pay attention to that part, just saw 350 lol. My fault, sorry.