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'95 TA AQ9 passenger seat recliner

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  • '95 TA AQ9 passenger seat recliner

    Has anyone had issues with the seat recliner not working? The recline mechanism would not latch so I pulled it off the seat to check it out. The lever return spring was off the bottom post so I reattached that. Now with the mechanism clamped in the vise I cannot get it to recline at all. Pull up on the lever and it goes no where. Any suggestions? I cannot see that anything is broken in the latch assembly and nothing seems to be jammed up.
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    I have no clue.

    I did see a 4th gen at the U-Pull-It in Pontiac this past weekend. But I payed no attention to if it had seat, and if it did, which ones, their condition, etc.
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