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94 z28 troubleshooting help.

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  • 94 z28 troubleshooting help.

    Hi Everybody, I haven't posted on here in a while. I need some help troubleshooting a starting problem on my 94 z28 build. It is a donor body, all other parts came of my daughters 94 z28, that she promptly wrecked 3 months after getting her DL. Not speeding, but making a left in front of oncoming traffic. I found a donor car and swapped everything over. I can't get it to turn over, the security light is on, so I did the learn the key resistance procedure, the security lite stays on even after the key has been removed. It is a Manual car. I don't know if the clutch safety switch is an issue, is it the VAT? Any suggestions on how to troubleshoot this would be greatly appreciated.

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      I can't believe no one has any suggestions!!! Can someone at least tell me what the start procedure is? Trans in neutral? clutch in/out? how long does the security light stay on? Does it go? If it does, when?


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        I'm not much help - I only ever had a third and second gen F-Body.

        It might be worth posting on the Facebook group, as much as I hate to suggest it (if you have Facebook, that is). Forums just don't get as much traffic these days, even if it's a far more useful location to post - especially to search.
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          I'm in the same boat. No experience that would be helpful. Sorry.
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