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5th Gen Strut Tower Brace 4th Gen conversion

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  • 5th Gen Strut Tower Brace 4th Gen conversion

    I was wondering if anyone has attempted to modify a 5th gen strut tower brace to fit on a 4th gen. I HATE all of the strut tower brace options for 4th gens in that they are all tubular. I love the look of the flatter styles that are offered for 5th and 6th gens. I am going to attempt to modify a 5th gen brace to fit my 02 Camaro SS. Will keep everyone posted once I start it. Thinking I will need to get with my friend who has a machine shop and a 3D printer to make a custom bracket for the mounting points. Will also have to trim the width of the brace to fit since the towers are further apart on the 5th gen.

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    If you're working with a fabricator/machine shop, might be worthwhile to just find some of that extruded aluminum stock to make your own.
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