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What 4th Gen replacement power window regulator do you recommend?

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  • What 4th Gen replacement power window regulator do you recommend?

    I'm experiencing the age-old 4th Gen power window regulator issue again, and I notice that GM has discontinued the OEM part. AC Delco, Cardone, Dorman, etc., sell their own replacement regulators with motors. Do any of you have a favorite? I think I read over on that all the aftermarket regulators are made by the same company, so just buy the cheapest one. Barring any concrete recommendations, I'll probably go with either the ACDelco or another good brand sold by a company that stands behind their parts warranties.

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    I wouldnt put too much thought into it. Dorman and Delco are both good. I always recommend buying the entire regulator and motor as an assembled unit. The job is way easier (and safer) that way and you know everything is fresh.
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      Plus, you have to drill out rivets to remove them, and then install the new ones with bolts, correct? Makes it a lot easier to replace it when it fails again.
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        I replaced mine with something from Maybe $30? Drilled out rivets. wasn't a big deal.
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          I can't remember what I used but I remember drilling rivets and I installed the passenger window hotwire kit which made a huge difference in the speed of that window.
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            I just replaced my driver side motor yesterday. Dorman from autozone, $40 with lifetime warranty.


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              I bought a wiring kit online and wired the window motors to the battery a couple years ago. Haven?t had an issue with window motors dying since.