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Crankcase Ventilation Ideas

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  • Crankcase Ventilation Ideas

    All, I recently picked up a 1993 WS6 for my son as a father/son project. We purchased the car not running from a neighbor. It has a Powerdyne Supercharger on it. We got it running (bad fuel pump) and it seems to idle ok. Have not driven it yet as we still need to go thru the brakes. The previous owner told me it was generating a lot of blowby and the dipstick is taped down to keep it from popping out.

    I am guessing that I need to add some type of additional Crankcase ventilation or modify the PCV System. I've been looking at different options online, but it is hard to find clear answers.

    Does anyone on here who is running a Supercharger or Turbo have any suggestions? Thanks in advance.

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    could just be lots of blowby from a tired motor too.
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      Yeah, that seems unusual for the low psi a powerdyne generates. That said, look into the mightymouse catch can setup on LS1tech as well as search for forced induction PCV setups. Lots of good reading on that.

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        Thanks. The car has 110K on it but supposedly has a newer engine, but I'm not sure how many miles it has.


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          Does it not have a PCV?


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            Rings are probably annealed. Put a -10 off of each valve cover to a larger catch can/puke tank with a larger breather on it. That'll keep the dipstick in the pan but its not going to solve anything else.


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              Yes it has stock set up. I think that may be part of the problem. The fresh air pick up on the Pcv system is in stock location on the pressurized side of the supercharger. From what I've been reading I think it's supposed to be moved in front of supercharger. I did order a mighty mouse catch can set up today as well. Hopefully on the right track. Thanks.


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                Do a compression test on it before you spend a lot of time on anything else.