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Eaton M90 Replacement Supercharger?

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  • Eaton M90 Replacement Supercharger?

    I'm working on a co-workers 98 GTP, and by the sounds of it tonight....the supercharger needs to be replaced.

    It's out of oil and lots of shavings on the fill plug.

    Has anyone replaced theirs yet, and if so, what avenue did you go?

    I see that RockAuto has them for around $800 but 3800 performance has ported M90's for around $600.

    Im going on monday to get 2 bottles of lube to try and buy some time, but based on the sounds....I'm going to need to replace.

    He'd like to get more performance out of not sure if theres a better option than those above?

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    Junkyard it. My buddy picked up a whole 3.8 for his Regal supercharged for like 500 bucks. Complete minus wiring harness.

    My buddy put a smaller pulley on it. Make sure you change out the downpipe, the factory is very restrictive. With a pulley change and new downpipe you could be looking around 300bhp.
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      I know is a very old post, I am putting together a 3800 and searched the forums post by post and this is the first ive found out about 3800 supercharged... would you care to discuss it more?
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        Did you put together that 3800? I was considering doing that as well. There's not a lot of info about it though.


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          Originally posted by JimmieLam View Post
          Did you put together that 3800? I was considering doing that as well. There's not a lot of info about it though.
          Youre kidding right? theres an entire forum out there for the Wbody guys doing crazy shit. at the ZZP meet someone hit 550hp to the wheels with a 3800. there sooooooo much documentation out there. shit theres people sticking ford GT superchargers on their cars.

          now in terms of M90s id look for an upper/lower intake super combo out of an 04+ the comp-gs also had coated rotors supposedly to eliminate a little heat, then it depends what supporting mods if any you want to go with. pulley, intercooler, cam, etc.
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            And ZZP themselves sell an assload of parts - though the issue I'm noticing is a good few of them are out of stock. I'm currently looking at the front and rear W-body sway bars for my brother's Buick Century (yes, I said Century, haha - all the stock parts for that car also were used on the GP, Regal, etc, and Ryan over at ZZP agreed that it more than likely should fit the Buick - even if it's definitely not the typical vehicle to see giant sway bars on - it's cheaper than a stock replacement and way bigger) and those still aren't back in stock.
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