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  • Crank,no start

    About a month ago my 94 Z28 started to crank 10-20 seconds before it would start.It has always started as soon as you hit the key.I got over at a friends and it would not start back after i shut if off.So I checked the fuel pressure and it was low.i put a fuel pump on it (Racetronix).It started right up.It did good a few times a started doing it again.So while I was having my trans rebuilt.I had them check it.Codes came back MAF,O2 Sensor and knock.I brought it home Monday and hadnt started.Today I put the new Delphi MAF on it.It only cranks now,it tried to hit 1 time just a little.nothing sense just crank until battery goes dead.Does anybody have any idea on it?

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    Not sure on your year but ls1'a use the same fuse for maf and 02 heaters and it will pop the fuse. I would check that. Also unplug the maf and see if it will start. If not pull a plug and see if it's flooded


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      Sorry about that,my car is a 94 Z28 lt1 car.Im getting fire threw the plugs.I checked the maf,i put the old one back in.i left them both out stll wont start,no security light.i had the vats deleted.IM getting fire and fuel.But my car wont start,I cant figure it out.I NEED HELP!!!!!!!!!!!
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        Did you double check fuel pressure after the new pump? Bad FPR? My Racetronix pump blew out the old o-ring on my 98. Getting injector pulse?

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          I checked fuel pressude.I have no idea what is wrong.i always thought if you got fire and fuel you car started.I cant figure it out.So Im taking it to somebody that knows more than me.Its going to a mechanic that knows more about it.Ill let everybody know how it comes out.