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383 lt1 overhaul? And info

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  • 383 lt1 overhaul? And info

    Got my stroker out to freshen it up since i bought it a few years ago used and didn't do anything to it just put it in with a new cam and drove it for the last few summers. It got warm once from electric water pump failer and popped a head gasket i think cuz its leaking slightly out of the rear head bold above the oil filter.. still drove fine after i fixed the water pump issue.. even though i didn't drive ut much after i noticed the leak.. just figured i will pull it and rebuilt it i dont know how long agi it was first built ..and noticed abit of performance lag when the motor ran for awhile ..even before the over heating so i know its not because of that.. so now that you know abit of the story.. what in asking is what all should i look for when tearing it down and what all should i look at replacing?? I will tell you abit about the motor ..
    all forged internally
    afr 195 heads 202/1.6 valves
    1.6 rr
    think the intake is slightly ported will see more when take off
    Lloyd elliot custom cam .575/.575 110lobe 230?? Something duration sry cant remember
    hooker long tubes
    csr water pump
    fuddle 3600 stall ??? Thiscwas used when i bought it as well .. should u look at sending it out as well to freshen ??? If so who should i send it to??
    36lb injectors

    all help and comments will be appreciated. . Tks