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27th annual CAMARO SUPERFEST 2018

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    Camaro Superfest 2018 is complete!!! THANK-YOU for those that attended and helped make our event great, for another year. We had many first-time attendees and I believe those that have attended before, made these new-comers feel very welcome and know what it means to be in our Camaro Family!! I truly believe our "moniker" is still correct.... "Camaro Superfest is the most friendliest, largest, longest running and most charitable all Camaro event in the USA!"
    Let's talk numbers.... 458 registered with 415 actual Camaros attending!! While not a record it is a very GOOD amount and a sizable event! More numbers.... 170 attending the COPO Build Center tour, 190 attending the GM Heritage Center tour, 200 attending the Lingenfelter Collection dinner/tour!! AND.... by an early accounting... we will MEET our charity goal of $15,000 to Stiggy's Dogs!!! THANK-YOU to each and every one of you for attending!!!!

    BIG 2019 CAMARO SUPERFEST announcement!!!!........ Indeed... we had a BIG announcement during the awards presentation, concerning the 2019 Camaro Superfest event!!! 1) our 2019 dates are July 5-6-7, 2019!! 2) the hotel, Marriott at Eagle Crest is all blocked and booked!! You can make your 2019 reservations... NOW!!! 3) Riverside Park will again be our 2019 location (14th year!!!) and is reserved!! and...4) our Friday activity will be.... a return to the high banks of MIS - Michigan International Speedway!!! Laps around the track and a free photo at the start/finish line for all that are atending!!!

    Now... 2018 "clean-up" items.... Please fill out the event survey form and mail it in or even scan it and email it to us. Changes cannot happen if we don't know it needs changed. These survey form help!! If you were Judged and want your judging sheets, there are instructions in the event program. We do have some event t-shirts left... but these are packed up currently. We'll get them unpacked and counted, then post what is available and how you may be able to purchase one. I know we also have CSF hats available in most colors. More details soon....
    We really enjoy seeing all of the FB posts and comments!! Keep 'em going!! Once again... THANK-YOU for attending!!!!
    Barry Hensel, CSF Chairman

    OOPS - CORRECTION on the 2019 news we posted yesterday, concerning the HQ hotel.... While the hotel is booked for our event and we DO have a big block of rooms, they cannot take reservations until Wednesday, August 8th. Sorry on the mis-information. SO.... in just over a month from now... you CAN make hotel reservations for CAMARO SUPERFEST 2019!!! Thanks!!
    emcc barry


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      Thanks for putting on the show. It was HOT! But I had a nice time while I was there both days, but left by 1pm.

      Obviously I missed the awards. Who won participants choice?

      I hope to make it again next year. I'd like to get my car on the track at MIS, that would be fun.