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  • VBulletin 4.0.2

    Hey guys,

    I upgraded the forum to the latest patch released today. There were over 250 bugs fixed since 4.0.1 so hopefully we should notice a lot of things working that didn't work previously.

    Originally posted by
    Highlights of what's fixed in 4.0.2:
    • [Ads] Quote and Advert in First post content
    • [BB Codes] BB Codes tags should count against minimum text requirement
    • [CSS] CSS Caching Bugs
    • [Fixed Width] Doc Width - bug #35038
    • [Groups] The "View All Groups" page needs significant improvements
    • [Hook] Hook memberaction_dropdown_items unset problem
    • [IE6] Various IE 6 Compatibility issues
    • [Languages] Stripped characters - ä,ö,Ã¥
    • [Language Support] Additional Charset Support
    • [Lightbox] Date and name overlap in the Lightbox if the picture is relatively small
    • [Member Profile] Fixed Blog Tab and Custom Tab problem in Member Profile page.
    • [Polls] Fixed issue with poll question too long error
    • [RSS] Fixed RSS support to CMS
    • [RTL] Fixed various RTL issues
    • [Search] "Find All Threads" by person
    • [Search Results] Miscellaneous Search Bug fixes.
    • [Settings] User link broken in Settings -> New Visitor Messages
    • [Signatures]
      cannot be used to enclose signatures
    • [Smilies] Smilies not resizing in Smilie Box
    • [StyleVars] Removed Hardcoded StyleVars in Groups
    • [Tags] Edit Tags Degradation -> You cannot add any tags.
    • [Updated UI] User Settings Pages
    • [Updated UI] Registration Screens
    • [Updated UI] Advanced Search Pages
    • [Updated UI] Moderation Pop-up Menu
    • (new) [CMS] Articles can be sorted "Alphabetically"
    • (new) [CMS] Added Pagination to Section Pages. Pagination replaces the "View All" link.
    • (new) [CMS Widgets] Recent Forum Posts Widget. This new widget improves CMS performance.
    • (new) [CMS Widgets] Recent Forum Threads Widget. This new widget improves CMS performance.
    • (new) [CMS Widget] Category Widget (Show All). This new category widget will show all categories regardless of which section you are in.
    • ...and about 200 more bugs

    • 01CAMAROSS
      01CAMAROSS commented
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      Originally posted by meissen
      I manually had to insert some rows into the database but I got it to work. Your thread is working again.

      I'm certainly glad you know how to work this IT "stuff."

    • Curt_irocz
      Curt_irocz commented
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      Thanks Brian. Wierd how it got deleted. Still kinda strange though that the first like 5 pages are gone. I think it was 9 pages, now its 4. The most rescent ones are there, but like I said the first 5 pages or so are gone. hmmm

    • meissen
      meissen commented
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      Oh really? Crap, I didn't realize that - I thought it was weird that the first post was a quote. That's all I have in the database, unfortunately.
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