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Huron Speed V2 T4 Single Turbo System

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  • Huron Speed V2 T4 Single Turbo System

    Here is our newer V2 Single T4 turbo kit. This turbo kit is a revamped, refined, and more complete version of our original and very successful Truck Manifold Turbo Kit.

    Here are some features of the new Huron Speed V2 T4 Turbo Kit over the previous version:
    -Included Manifolds. No need to have to track down rusty Truck Manifolds anymore. Where as they worked great, we now supply manifolds for you to keep the entire process much more simple on your end! These new manifolds are made from.120 wall 304 Stainless. If you know your materials, you know this is VERY heavy duty stuff. Most headers are made from .065 wall making these manifolds nearly twice as thick of material to prevent cracking from holding up the weight of the turbo. They are also V-banded for ease of install and made to RETAIN the OEM alternator location!
    -New Wastegate Location. We have seen a few cases where boost creep became a minor issue, but why have to worry or hassle with it at all? We took what we know needed to happen to get a better flow of exhaust to the waste gate and made it happen. Where as our previous kit and most others out there pull from the merge of the 2 banks with a 38mm flange, we are now pulling exhaust from BOTH banks individually in the direction of flow, and merging those into larger piping and a larger 44-45mm WG flange! Good-bye boost creep!
    -Keep your Sway Bar. Where as not as big of a demand, we still would get street car customers who really wished to retain their front sway bar. With a little fabrication, we made it happen! We routed the crossover to run just under the front sway bar on the passenger side and right above the bar on the drivers side without sacrificing any ground clearance. We also did this while keeping a larger SS/WS6 sway bar in the OEM location!
    -Retain the Low Oil Level Sensor. Our previous kit required the removal of the low oil level sensor for down pipe clearance. With this set-up, we managed to RETAIN the low oil level sensor and still fit the 3" down pipe through the factory K-member!
    -Fit a Mid-Frame T4. Our previous kit did not have enough clearance to the factory radiator to fit a mid-frame T4 turbo such as a PT88, a T4 BW, or a Mid-frame Turbonetics nor did the hot side have the proper set-up to support the extra weight. With our new design, and the extra thick stainless piping used on the cold side, supporting the extra weight will not be an issue! Also we managed to find the proper angle on the T4 flange to fit your standard T4 turbo or a Mid-Frame turbo on it while still clearing the factory radiator in the factory, untouched position!
    -4" Downpipe option. Mainly for those wanting to run the mid-frame turbos, we also have a down pipe solution for you as well considering they come with a 4" down pipe discharge opposed to the 3" of a standard T4 turbo. With this, we have developed a 2-piece 4" down pipe that will exit the front bumper on the passenger side. With this, you will still be able to retain the OEM K-member, and your OEM Radiator in the OEM Location!
    -Wideband O2 bung. This is now standard. We are putting an extra O2 bung in the supplied 3" through K-member down pipe along with a plug so you can run this, or have it there if when the time comes for tuning or logging purposes. This is a standard feature!
    All of these new features and still keep the great features of our first kit such as the simple, clean, and effective cold side with brackets and 4" thick core FMIC. Retain the Factory K-member. Retain the Factory Radiator in the Factory Position (now enhanced even for mid-frames!

    There is no other kit available on the market with features that even come close to stacking up against this kit. We took what we saw was needed in a kit not only from our customers, but also from experience in seeing 50+ of our previous kits perform. We took feedback, results, and data to make the changes noted above from an already successful kit to bring it up to that next level!

    You can view the kit on our website, purchase direct and save $300 plus HUGE savings when bundling in the components of your choice. You will see when adding in components with the kit from the drop-down menu that they are highly discounted, MUCH cheaper than purchasing outright on their own.


    98' Trans Am - Huron Speed Turbo Car

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    98' Trans Am - Huron Speed Turbo Car


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