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2017 Meet & Greet Pictures

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    Welcome aboard Keith. Beautiful T/A you have. I'm sort of in the same boat, but my car is not as nice as yours anyway. So I paid for judging as a charity donation, and let it go at that. But for me, the best part of the day was the people.

    I must say, I had a very nice time speaking with Tim (the white/blue '82 Z28 parked next to me). Very interesting fellow...original owner Z28, Firestone/Bridgestone employee, International Motorsports Hall of Fame Board Member...lots of great stories.

    Got to visit a few minutes with Don who parked a few cars down from me.

    I spend some time checking out Curt's car, and he stopped by to see mine. We talked about some paint work for the T/A for the spoiler and ground effects, maybe some of Lon's (TDS) door hinge kits.

    Spent a few minutes talking to an older gentlemen (and it's getting harder and harder to find people to talk to who are older than me) at the end of our row with a white 1st gen Camaro, young man with a copper (?) colored GTA parked across from me, gentlemen with a red IROC parked behind me, guy with the purple Formula next to me, the guy with the yellow 5th gen. on the of the row in that first photo...loved the detailed wheels, talked about how he did that, the challenge of keeping a driver super clean, showing a 6 cyl. car, etc., the guy with the red 4th gen. in my next to last photo...didn't know how rare those cars were or why. Also had a nice lady and her husband stop to talk 3rd gen. driveability issues (her car / their car won a trophy at the end of the day), and another gentlemen I spent quite a bit of time speaking with who was the line supervisor at ASC for some years, turning 3rd gens into convertibles. Very interesting stories and details, and I TOTALLY screwed up by not getting his name and number, in case there were forum questions about those cars in the future. Spent a few moments chatting with Brian and his folks, and countless others. Lots of great PEOPLE at this event.
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      DynoDave , the album is set to public, so it should work.

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      Originally posted by JasonH
      It's amazing what you can get done when you throw copious amounts of money at something.