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1984 Trans Am WS6 springs and swaybars and KONI struts

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  • 1984 Trans Am WS6 springs and swaybars and KONI struts

    These are the original 34mm / 18mm anti-roll bars off my Trans Am. Don't be fooled, I logged an honest 1.05g on the skidpad with these parts. I won the 2005 NFME autocross in Memphis, TN against the New York state champ, by .001 seconds. Somewhere around here, I have the WS6 coil springs and they have been cut to lower the car ; I HOPE they are in the garden shed and weren't recycled!. In 1984 the spring rates for the WS6 cars were stiffer than later years. In 1985 GM upped to a 36mm antiroll bar and dropped the spring rate, resulting in an equivalent handling package but less stiff ride. I made mine last 30 years and swapped them out only because I wanted Global West's spring jack system for adjusting corner weight. One KONI is still perfect. The other has lost its fluid and pressure because I accidently cut through the shaft with the cutoff wheel when trying to get the nut loose. I think the reds are still rebuildable from Koni? I'm selling everything for the price of the antiroll bars.

    I've owned, modified, and raced this same car since 1990.

    $150 for the lot.
    Available in Haslett. Come and get them, If you are interesting to talk to, I'll buy you a reuben sandwich at the lunch place down the road.
    mail me at
    1984 Pontiac Trans Am WS6 suspension components. I still need to find the front springs. Body roll with this suspension
    1984 Pontiac Trans Am. Well, most of it anyway. Some of it is 1969 Chevy. Some of it is 1982 4-cylinder Firebird, 1987 Trans Am, and 1991 Formula 1LE. Some of it is 1994 Trans Am, and some of it is 1999 SLP Firehawk. The rest is aftermarket.