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Third-gen Camaro/Firebird 1LE front brake calipers and mounting brackets

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  • Third-gen Camaro/Firebird 1LE front brake calipers and mounting brackets

    I've moved to Corvette brakes. So here's some unobtanium for those of you who still have stock brakes. Just add hoses, rotors and pads, and you're golden. You'll have to modify your spindles. I can show you how. I even have the drill and tap available. I did it, so can you. Here's a good start for better brakes, for $250. This includes the calipers, the cages, and the adaptor brackets and bolts. These parts vanished off the GM parts bins in 2001, and I got the last two cages in the GM inventory. These are for 12-inch rotors as found on the 1LE cars, and they clear 16-inch wheels. Hoses, pads, bearings and rotors are all still available at the parts store. I've attached a picture of when they were new, and how they look now. These have seen many, many laps of Gingerman raceway as well as hot lapping at Memphis Motorsports park. They will clean up well and have never been through a winter.

    Contact me at
    Calipers with cages and adaptor brackets. All genuine GM. Calipers with cages, adaptor brackets anf bolts. WHen these were new, back in 2001.
    1984 Pontiac Trans Am. Well, most of it anyway. Some of it is 1969 Chevy. Some of it is 1982 4-cylinder Firebird, 1987 Trans Am, and 1991 Formula 1LE. Some of it is 1994 Trans Am, and some of it is 1999 SLP Firehawk. The rest is aftermarket.