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GMMG Brickyard Dick Harrell Performance Edition #4 For Sale

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  • GMMG Brickyard Dick Harrell Performance Edition #4 For Sale

    GMMG Brickyard Dick Harrell Performance Edition #4 For Sale

    This is a GMMG Wildcard & is 1 of 1

    3,600 miles since the GMMG upgrade

    Matt delivered car back to Wisconsin Oct. 15, 2009, when he visited me to sign my cars

    Just under 21k total miles today

    400hp – Automatic that has been reprogramed for quick & solid shifts

    All take off parts go with the car (too big to go in car & to expensive to ship)
    If you have been following GMMG's the last few years you know the value. Reasonable offers considered.

    More info & photos @

    GMMG Brickyard Dick Harrell Performance Edition #4 For Sale | Daytona Pace Cars

    2002 Camaro SS Z7D Convertible (Z7D - 2002 Brickyard 400 Festival Camaro)
    VIN: 2G1FP32G022158625
    Miles to date (6/9/2020) = 20k miles – Current mileage – August 2022 is just under 21k
    Z7D Camaro History

    • Total 57 Z7D’s built.
    • 1 Z7D built on 5/3/02, the remaining 56 Z7D all in one day on 5/30/02
    • Only 43 of the 57 Z7D’s were used for driver introduction (Had the driver’s name on the hood)
    • All 57 Z7D’s were Automatics except 5 cars were 6-speeds.
    • The cars were assigned to the driver’s based on how they qualified for the race

    #4 Z7D Camaro History

    • VIN: 2G1FP32G022158625 = Z7D is #4
    • #4 Z7D was assigned to Robby Gordon
    • #4 Z7D was sold at Bergstrom Chevrolet in Neenah WI
    • #4 Z7D was traded in by Arthur Strook of Fond Du Lac sometime in 2007.
    • My family bought Brickyard Z7D #4 from Van Horn in Plymouth WI as a used vehicle.
    • Took delivery of Z7D #4 on 9/17/2007
    • Total miles when purchased on 9/17/2007 = 17,255 miles

    GMMG History with #4 Z7D Camaro

    • Visited Matt Murphy and GMMG in Marietta GA on 10/10/2007
    • Matt and I discussed building a “GMMG” 35th PE package for our Z7D #4 to mimic the 35th PE Z7D #56, and #58
    • Matt did not want to build anymore 35th PE Camaros to respect the current owners
    • Originally, Matt was working with GM High Tech Magazine (GMHT) to put together another package, this package would be similar to the 35th PE package
    • Deposit given to GMMG on 2/2008
    • Z7D #4 was shipped to GMMG on 5/2008, Matt Personally picked it up with an enclosed Trailer
    • The GMHT fell through months later and the DHPE package was developed
    • Matt Murphy decided to develop another package called Dick Harrel Performance Edition (DHPE).
    • Only one other Camaro (red hard top) got the DHPE package
    • We made sure the DHPE #4 was assigned to our #4 Z7D.
    • Matt Delivered DHPE#4 (#4 Z7D) on 10/15/2009
    • GMMG had possession of Z7D #4 for nearly 1.5 years

    Specifics of DHPE package DHPE #4 Package Consists of

    • Same package as the 35TH PE package only the base HP was 400hp, not 380HP
    • The difference was the addition of Dynotech SS Headers with Cats/ Y-pipe
    • DHPE Specifics include:
    o Silver face Gauges
    o 400HP stickers on hood
    o Dynotech Headers, cats and Y-pipe
    o 35TH PE Floor mats (For coupe, not convertible)
    o Air Cleaner Lid with 400HP Sticker
    o DICK HARREL Cloisonn? fender emblems below “SS” on fender instead of the “35th Cloisonn? Fender emblems
    o DICK HARREL Cloisonn? Emblem on rear tail panel
    • Items never received:
    o Key Fobs
    o Dash Plate
    o Window Sticker
    o (2) 35th Fender Cloisonn? Emblems

    What is included in with the DHPE #4

    • All the Take off Parts GMMG Removed to install the package
    o Complete Exhaust
    o Springs/Shocks
    o Heads (Matt replaced the heads since the valve guides seals were leaking)
    o Brake Calipers
    • 2002 Brickyard 400 collectables
    o See Pictures)
    • 35th PE Floor Mats
    • 35th PE Red Car cover
    • E-mail traffic between Matt and I from the day I visited until the day the Camaro was Delivered
    • Z7D Paperwork
    • Brickyard 400 Festival License Plate, the correct #404 plate
    • Brickyard 400 “Tyvek” envelop with all documentation and matching VIN on envelope
    • Original Window Sticker with “Robby Gordon’s” Signature
    • Lots and Lots of additional items/paperwork

    Jim Smith purchased August 1, 2021 for his Pace Car Collection.

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    Beautiful car!
    POCI # 72200

    1988 Pontiac Trans Am WS6