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RIP - GODSPEED, Kibrea Harris

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  • RIP - GODSPEED, Kibrea Harris

    It's with a heavy heart that I just found out Kibrea Harris, @GODSPEED, passed away on Wednesday night after leaving Milan. Most of you would know him from out on Woodward with the wide-body kit he had produced for his 2000 Camaro. Great guy, loved his cigars and was always offering to share his with me while we were out there on Woodward. Very sad to hear the news. RIP Bre.

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    So sad to hear about. Only met a few times and seemed like good guy. I heard this at a funeral a few ago and plan on using on mine and talks about the dash in between the dates. Enjoy your dash and GODSPEED my friend


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      This is sad news indeed -- he was way too young. What happened to him? Did anyone hear about the cause of death?

      Does anyone know if there have been arrangements for his funeral yet?

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        Originally posted by ktl711 View Post
        This is sad news indeed -- he was way too young. What happened to him? Did anyone hear about the cause of death?

        Such a shame.
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          I had a few friends that drove by this leaving the track Wednesday. RIP


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            I'm still in shock... Bre was a great guy and we shared some fun times out on Woodward. He always had a smile on his face, a positive attitude and his faith was inspiring. He built one heck of an awesome car and he will be deeply missed.
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              Well said Fred, this is awful...
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                Bre was nothing less than a great guy and very selfless. He always wanted to know about what everyone else was doing for their projects and how they were doing in general. As Fred said, I can't remember a single time when Bre didn't have a smile on his face. The man loved his cars just as much as anyone else and served as great inspiration for many to take their projects to the next level. Bre, you were an outstanding man and heaven just got a heck of a lot faster with you up there. You'll be missed.

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                  I didn't know Bre but he sounds like a great guy, May he rest in peace.

                  My Condolences to his Family & Friends.
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                    RIP Bossman, so sad to hear he always made you feel like he truly cared about you when he spoke. Unbelievable human being. Truly will be missed by many.


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                      good guy gone to soon =[ RIP
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                        I didn't know him, but I'm very sad to hear this news. RIP fellow Fbody lover. My condolences to his family and friends.

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                          I was down at milan Wednesday when he was there with his car . Was checking it out when I was in the staging lanes but never got a chance to talk to him. Had a beautiful car

                          I talked to detroit metal x yesterday and he informed me of his passing .

                          Sorry to hear about the tragedy . RIP


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                            Man this is really sad to hear. From what I gathered, he was a great individual. I never met him but I think I saw his car out near woodward before.

                            My condolences go to his family and friends.
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                              Still shocked R I P
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