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New guy from Clarksville/Lowell

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    Welcome to the site

    Thank you for your service!!!!

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      welcome the the group, thanks for serving and there are a more than a few behind you, there are a lot of us. Maybe you be able to hit the summer meet and greet since it looks like you won't be able to do the May 30 one. God Bless You.
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        Welcome, Enjoy the site.

        And THANK YOU for your Service.
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          Originally posted by Plum View Post
          Thank you and good luck to your son. Hope he comes home safe and well. I did some checking with the Vin after I got it, and found out it has the L03 305. I will admit I dont know much about the 305s. Never really did much with them. But what I do know is that most parts are interchangable between the 305 and 350. I found most of the info about it from But I am an avid wrencher, love tearing apart things and rebuilding. Me and my buddies built a 383 stroker for my old Z71 about 6 years ago, so this project should be interesting. I have to fight the urge to put 500 horses at the wheels, at least at this point in time. lol.
          I'm not sure if it works for that year, but years ago, Hot Rod mag was saying something about Trick Flow 2.02 heads would fit the 305 because of the twisted flow design, because the valves were placed more to the center of the cylinder.

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            Wow, didnt think to see this many people welcoming me but Thank you all. And I was quite surprised about the deal i got on it. Almost bought an early 70's malibu hard top for 900 but my buddy pulled in my driveway with this and said 500 and i went straight to the Bank. lol. And Larry Im tempted to pull copyright on the name Plum Nuts has been my nickname for about 8 years now. I wish I could make the Summer meets but Ill be in Texas till Nov. That is when I ETS and I get out for good. But 2010 will definately be the year. Plus I hope I can have most of the work done by then. Definately cant wait to meet you guys, its always fun to meet people with similar interests and I am a true f-body lover so its great seeing all the great rides. Thanks for the Info Steddy, Ill definately look into those, and I only have about 4 more days of internet while Im here so I wont be around much for the next few months but definately when I get internet full time and start rebuilding I will be consulting you guys a lot and hopefully since some of us live close maybe have a few get togethers and a little help. Always nice to have a helping hand or two when doing a restore project.


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              Welcome to the site.. Thank you for serving.. I did a year in Iraq way back when.. Seems like an eternity ago, 03-04.. Have since retired..
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              Originally posted by WMCCjames

              "Plans Subject to change upon Sobering up"


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                  Welcome to the site!!!


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                    Welcome to the site, Mike!
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                      welcome. nice car. thanks for serving. be safe and hope to see you at next years meet and greet. maybe some of us westsiders can come over and give you a hand when you get back
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