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Do you have this 1977 T/A?

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  • Do you have this 1977 T/A?

    I'm feeling nostalgic, and wondering what happened to the 1977 T/A that I used to own. I ordered it from Ralph Pontiac in Rochester, NY, in September of 1976, and took delivery about 5 weeks later. I kept it until July of 2001, when I traded it off for a Corvette. The T/A was black, with a black interior, and a solid roof. It had the T/A 6.6 engine, backed by a 4 speed transmission. The VIN is 2W87Z7N118899. Any chance that anyone on this site currently has (or had) the car?

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    some states will do a title search. try there. Or maybe find a friendly police officer.
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      Unfortunately, the only LEO that I was on friendly terms with, was a former neighbor of my mother. He divorced his wife, a few years back, and left their neighborhood. I asked DMV, but in New York, they have privacy laws. There are also those VIN search sites, but a 1977 car is too old for those sites.

      I was just hoping I'd stumble into someone on this site, who knows something about the car. I was occasionally looking for my first brand new car, a 1971 Chevelle SS, that I sold in 1973. I knew it's whereabouts for several years after I regretfully sold it. It turned up on E-Bay, a little over a year ago. I was VERY surprised to see that it had survived all these years.....