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Finally got a Gallardo! (pics)

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  • Finally got a Gallardo! (pics)

    After many years of dreaming, I finally obtained a Gallardo.
    Was able to pull it off well before 30 too. I was selling some parts on here and haven't been on much lately so I thought I would drop an update. I know a few of you have already seen it.

    It's a 2004 Grigio Altair with Egear, Black Callisto rims, Fabspeed Supersport Exhaust and test pipes, Red brakes,black interior tinted, Nav+Awesome Stereo+Sub+Rearview.

    I just did the maintenance and some odds and ends.
    What am awesome car, I can't stop finding excuses to take it driving! The trans am has quite a bit more horsepower and is a violent car but the G is another animal and a lot of fun to drive! I purposely went with a pre-LP for exhaust sound and I wanted it to be a bit more unrefined.

    I am coming from a 2002 Trans Am that's fully modded and has been a wild car. I was originally planning on getting a murcie in about a year's time. I talked to a lot of owners that had experience with both cars and they all unanimously pointed me towards the Gallardo and I am actually very happy with the decision. Funny thing is... I also didn't want silver but when I saw the silver with black rims, I was instantly won over!

    Check out my FQuick!

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    Wow... congrats! And in ur 20s!!! IS my drug...
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      very nice indeed congrats!

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      Classics only cost alot if you add up what you spend!


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        Love it, my dream car as well!! Excited to see it in person!

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          Wow!!! Congrats!!!
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            Congrats Jon! Very nice!
            - Brian Meissen

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              cant wait to install the twin turbos
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                Congrats, nice looking ride!!
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                  wow congrats man! i want to go for a ride! never been in one other than sitting still in a parking lot lol!
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                    Very nice garage!! one day hopefully i will have the same!!