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97 braking issue

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  • 97 braking issue

    Alright, I am going to try to be as descriptive as possible without trying to overwhelm anyone.

    97 Trans Am - 4 channel ABS(deleted)
    Slicks and Skinny tires

    Stock LT1 calipers, rotors, pads.

    Ever since I deleted ABS I feel I have had less than perfect brakes. Unfortunately with taking the car off the road in 2009 I can not remember how the brakes worked. When the car went on the road in 2010 it seems the brakes were only 30-50%.

    Last year this really started to bother me with having the power my car does, and not full braking so I started working on it.

    Since I have:
    Replaced master cylinder with 3 master cylinders
    Replaced all flex lines with Techna-fit Stainless lines(all 6 lines)
    Re-bled gallons on fluid threw the lines
    Deleted line lock(make sure it was not causing any issues)
    Turned rear rotors and took any glazing off the pads
    Deleted Power booster and went with a BMR manual master

    Current configuration of brakes is as followed:
    Lt1 calipers, pads, rotors
    ABS deleted (T in front, T in rear at firewall with 2 lines still running back)
    Line lock on front
    Proportioning valve on rear
    Strange Master with rod moved 1" up on pedal
    all new Dot 4 brake fluid.

    From the assisted brakes to manual the car does not seem to stop any better or worse. If anything I feel I can push the pedal harder to get the manual to bite a tad more. I would assume I should be able to actually hold the car on the line / brake either the front of rear of car loose if the brakes actually worked.

    What else can I try? It has been 2 months this year so far that every night I have played with them for a hour or 2. I just want to drive the car and feel safe.
    just a bolt-on Lt1

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    I don't know what Cam you have, but maybe you don't have enough vacuum for brakes because of the cam or some other reason. Or maybe your booster was leaking. Did you try disconnecting the vacuum line to see if it made any difference? No idea on the manual brake aspect on how effective that should be.


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      changed to manual brakes, not using engine vacuum. What about the proportioning valve, is it adjustable and is it adjusted properly?
      When in doubt, Whip it out !


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        Well last August I was able to get decent braking that I am happy with until Drag brakes go on.

        LS1 calipers in front
        Strange manual brake setup

        I can not successfully lock up the front tires with a HARD press which was IMPOSSIBLE to do before
        just a bolt-on Lt1


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          Sorry I didn't look at the date on the OP. It was only a couple posts down so I didn't realize it was a year old. And yeah I caught it was manual brakes now, just suggesting maybe previous issue was with vacuum. Good to hear you have it sufficiently working.