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  • Security Problems

    i have an 96 camaro ss and recently my security light has been turning on lately and i think because of this my car is having problems starting. just a few days ago i went to start my car and the security light is now blinking and the car wont start at all, my battery is good and i just had my starter replaced a few months ago so i know thats not the problem. my key fob doesnt work anymore so i dont have a "remote" to unlock the car. could the security system stop my car from starting? and if so is there a way to deactivate the system all together?
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    Your very fortunate in that myself and Vinnie have both had these problems recently. If you look up my thread, you will see what I did.

    Bought a bypass module from ebay for $30 and grounded out a relay. PM me your email address and I will send you the how to that I made.
    Vinnie is trying to use HPTuners to bypass his with out the bypass module from ebay.

    Good luck and ask questions, we have answers.
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      Done this before aswell and this is the cheapest easiest way to defeat the Vehicle Anti Theft System (VATS)
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