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Blacked out taillights...covers, VHT, plasti-dip?

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  • Blacked out taillights...covers, VHT, plasti-dip?

    Fellas, I'm thinking about blacking out the taillights on my black WS6. What's the recommended way to do this these days? The last time I did it, plasti-dip wasn't even around yet and I used the AVS covers. Looked great, but in direct sunlight I always disliked how the covers were a different "color" than the black paint of the car.

    It would seem some do this with plasti-dip now, which would be great. I've also heard that some folks love the VHT nightshades and that it actually is removable should you ever want to get rid of it.

    So, what do you guys think?
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    Tried it with Nightshade, it sucks since it's almost impossible to get just right. Still have to get around to getting rid of the previous owners Nightshade on this car, comes off easy with wetsanding. If I were to do it again I would go with tint film so that I could get the consistent look I wanted.
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      Tint film or a tinted clearcoat are the 2 that always look the best.
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        My Niteshade has always looked more than fine - it's crazy glossy, dark, but visible - but I put the clear on top of it with a spray gun, not rattle can (I did that the first time, and it turned out more than decent, but eventually faded).

        Next vehicles I have lights blacked out on, I'm going the black/clear mix. Just a simpler process, really.
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          I've used nightshades and clear coat. Automotive clear coat with a few drops of black paint. Keep layering until you get the darkness you want. This will last a lot longer than Nightshades before it starts looking dull. I've plastidipped pretty much everything else on my car but never the tail lights.
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            Night shade on my truck tail lights left like spider web cracks in the finish best bet would be clear coat with black in it

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              I will not use plastidip again on the tailights since it is a bit dark.