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HOW TO: Nightshade/TINT/BLACKOUT taillights

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    I have done my Front markers/turn signals... I love the way this looks... I am going for Black out look, I know a lot of people are like I don't like the way that looks... but hey my car! anyway I wanted to show... I did the app like before but I used a new lens Clear this time so I would not have to worry about the darkness of the light, also I went for one that is black inside so no chrome look inside. So i only needed a few coats 4 for these, the rear lights I put like 8 coats to make it look right... and I put like 8 coats of clear coat on these and of course polished them up and here are the photos...

    With no lights on....

    With running daytime running lights on

    Side View... Now I just need to fix all those rock chips and the scrapes on the nose... UGHHH!!!!.....

    I think i am going to redo my tail lights with clear lenses and see if I can get them just a bit brighter...

    Fenix Bloodstone


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      That looks nice.
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        I like it

        Im going for a black/green theme. Spoiler,GFX,turnsignnals (front and rear) Single black stripe yada yada

        And I will be having black turn signals. I was going to just buy a set on ebay but I figure I would just follow this tutorial and just nightshade my current clears to save me some money and if I !@#$ up.. I still have my stock ones