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  1. Ask for detailed pictures and condition description to be posted if not provided. Get full size, well lit images of the items and close ups of any blemishes to review before buying.
  2. Search on posts by sellers to see what they've bought/sold in the past. Were there any issues other people posted about? IE: PM someone who bought something big from them in the past to see if it turned out OK.
  3. Do some research on the seller. IE: Have they been a member on MiFBody long? Do they just sell stuff or do they really participate (so that people might know them better)? Did they post about having problems with the item they're now selling?
  4. Request contact information from the seller and test them where possible (get name, phone #s, physical and email addresses) to make sure they work as a way to get in touch with them.
  5. Document your transaction publicly on the forum. If a seller insists on communicating only via PM or email be suspicious. If the seller does not post a 'item sold' once you've sent payment, we suggest that the buyer proactively post something like 'payment sent' on the forum so that if the seller has intentions of promising the item to multiple buyers and running off with their money that other buyers are alerted earlier. We suggest you 'quote' the original post of the seller so that their comments are captured and cannot be edited once sold to you.

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WTB: bolt in F9 rear end.

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  • WTB: bolt in F9 rear end.

    I'm looking to do a ford 9" rear end in my '94 formula this winter. Looking for something that will bolt right in without having to fab my own brackets and such. Ideal gearing would be around 4:10 but i'm open to others if the price is right. I would like it to either work with my stock rear brakes or have a setup already on there. If you've got something for sale please let me know the details. If i can't find anything by black friday i'm going to order a new setup from Quick performance so I'm only looking for something used for the next few weeks or so.

    If you come across a cobra in the wild, wipe it off and apologize.

  • #2
    Good luck finding one, but remember how they are used. hard to find one that hasn't been abused. Also they have a good resale value so sellers ask a lot for them.
    Someone on here a couple of years ago bought a used one and ended up finding it was bent.
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    When in doubt, Whip it out !


    • #3
      Yup i understand the only reason they go in is because it's getting raced a lot. I doubt i'll find one in my price range used but figure it's worth a shot before spending the $2500 on a new one next month.

      The one on Quick Performance seem like a great deal so that's probably what i'll get.
      If you come across a cobra in the wild, wipe it off and apologize.


      • #4
        This is what I’m looking at, options may change as I was just trying to get a price when choosing stuff.
        If you come across a cobra in the wild, wipe it off and apologize.


        • #5
          If I was in the market I think I'd get a Strange S60.
          Cast in torque arm mount is nice.
          When in doubt, Whip it out !


          • #6
            That would be nice to have, the quick performance one have a bracket you can weld on but it's $200. That puts it right around the same cost as the S60, but the S60 needs $200 in brake caliper brackets, and a $300 drive shaft. Some people say they can use a stock driveshaft with a 1330 yoke but i imagine to keep it reliable i'll need a drive shaft either way.

            Any idea what kind of Tq the s60 is good until. The quick stuff seems to be around 800 before they start recommending extra bracing and stuff. The reason i was leaning towards the F9 is that they seem to be the strongest.
            If you come across a cobra in the wild, wipe it off and apologize.


            • #7
              they both will hold about the same amount of torque, the 9" might be a tad stronger, but it does eat up more HP due to its design. They are both heavy but the 9" can be made as light as a fbody 10 bolt but be prepared to pay big money (gun drilled axles, spool, and aluminum case for the pig. the S60 is based on the Dana60 that was used by Chrysler behind the Hemi cars and bigger trucks.
              When in doubt, Whip it out !


              • #8
                I'm looking to keep it in the $2500ish range, hoping to get a good black friday deal. I will have to get in touch with Strange closer to and see what kind of deals they'll have going on.

                Pricing them both out today the S60 is about $600 (add in that torque arm mount and down to $400) more than a F9 with a fabricated center piece, gun drilled axles, and lightened axle flanges. I'm really thinking about going with a spool. The car is a nice weather only car that will see mostly street racing shenanigans and drag racing. The car will probably only see one auto-x or road course a year as once i have a strong rear end i can get back into drag racing.
                If you come across a cobra in the wild, wipe it off and apologize.


                • #9
                  Can't auto cross with a spool.
                  When in doubt, Whip it out !


                  • #10
                    Not with that attitude you can't lol

                    Also looking at a Yukon Grizzly locker as well. The extra $700 for a Eaton Trutrac is killing my cheapness lol. The Yukon is under $300. I don't care about noise i just need something strong.
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                    If you come across a cobra in the wild, wipe it off and apologize.


                    • #11
                      a spool is cheaper and lighter, both good qualities, BUT you will enjoy your car more with a normal posi in it.
                      When in doubt, Whip it out !


                      • #12
                        I actually bought a used 9" fbody rear about 6-7 years ago, it was complete with brakes and had a 4.10 posi in it. Got it for $600 if you can believe it. Before I could put it in a friend came by with $1700 in hundred dollar bills and I couldn't pass it up. My 10 bolt is still surviving so I'm not too upset about it. Tripled my money on it.
                        When in doubt, Whip it out !


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                          Originally posted by farmington View Post
                          I actually bought a used 9" fbody rear about 6-7 years ago, it was complete with brakes and had a 4.10 posi in it. Got it for $600 if you can believe it. Before I could put it in a friend came by with $1700 in hundred dollar bills and I couldn't pass it up. My 10 bolt is still surviving so I'm not too upset about it. Tripled my money on it.
                          That's an insane deal!! really he didn't get a bad deal either even after you tripling your money. That's why i posted, worth a shot to hunt one down for a few weeks.
                          If you come across a cobra in the wild, wipe it off and apologize.


                          • #14
                            If you're not going crazy with power, I'd look into the TNT fabrication 8.8. you'll get a lot more for your money and come in under budget, especially if you don't need all the fancy options. They seem to be a fair amount of 9 sec cars running them with no issues. Sent from my Pixel XL using Tapatalk