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We provide these classified forums free of charge and offer no-fee sales to our members as a benefit of MiFBody. We have some common-sense rules outlined below that we expect everyone to follow.

New MiFBody members may not be able to create for sale posts in the marketplace forums until you have met a certain criteria with minimum posts and time as a member on MiFBody.

Anyone who does not comply with these rules will be warned and possibly banned from the classifieds or from MiFBody. For your safety and the safety of others, please comply with the Marketplace rules and read the buyers advice at the end of this post. If you see anything suspicious or have a questionable sale sent to you via PM, please push the report a post button or contact the MiFBody Staff.

Any member who receives negative feedback from a transaction may have their classified forum access removed without notice depending on severity of the dispute.

MiFBody assumes no ownership or risk in your purchases in the Marketplace - the transaction is between you and the seller. Both buyers and sellers should post feedback after your transaction is completed using the iTrader Feedback mechanism.

Rules for Sellers:
  1. You must post both a detailed description and an asking price.
  2. No spamming multiple classifieds forums with your for sale items. This means pick one and only one classified forum to post your for sale item in.
  3. No bulk or volume sales are allowed in these forums. If you acquire items in quantity (bulk sales mean >1 item) with the intent of offering them for resale here, you are considered a dealer under this rule. Please contact us for paid advertising options.
    • Some specific items have caused recurring volume sales issues. As such, and at the discretion of the staff:
      • No more than one full car partout per member (see additional partout rules below) in a 6 month rolling period.
      • No more than one car listing per member in a 6 month rolling period without MiFBody Staff approval

  4. Non approved vendors, dealers or service providers of any kind may NOT post either individual or group buy items for sale here without the Administrator's approval. MiFBody approved vendor sponsors should post in their respective Vendor Marketplace forum.
  5. No multi-level marketing schemes. Posting links that guide our members to any type of scheme that benefits a single member are not allowed. Peddle your free iPod somewhere else.
  6. "BumpingĒ rules: Do not "bump" or "TTT" your post more than once per day.
  7. Prohibited Sale Items on MiFBody are any of the following items:
    • A) No bootlegged software sales. Anyone who knowingly buys or sells bootlegged (Warez) software or music through this forum will be permanently banned. This includes copies of navigation DVDs. Also, you may not sell Academic or NFR (not for resale / not for retail or OEM distribution) software.

    • B) No alcohol, tobacco, firearm, or any weapons sales.

    • C) No Pornographic (XXX) item sales.

    • D) No gift card sales.

  8. No 'testing the waters' or 'possibly for sale' posts. Either you're selling the item or you're not. If you're not sure, don't post it here until you are ready. Please do your research on your asking price before posting the item for sale.
  9. No price gouging! While we don't expect items to be given away for free on our forum, the reason we have these classifieds is to help each other out. If you are lucky enough to have a 'new hot item' (example: Xbox 360 or PS/3 when first released) enjoy it. If you want to make a big profit off your fellow member, take it to eBay or to craigslist and more power to you. We aren't going to enable your lust for profit by letting you post extremely overpriced items here on MiFBody. This rule is enacted at classified MiFBody Staff and administrator's discretion.

Rules for Shoppers and Marketplace Browsers:
  1. No thread crapping. If you aren't interested in the item listed and asking a question about it in pursuit of a purchase decision, then don't post. It is poor etiquette (and not allowed) to post a "I have one to sell too!" message for a similar item you're selling in another member's thread or to link some random unknown person's listing selling the same thing on eBay slightly cheaper.
  2. No "Dibs"; calling dibs means absolutely nothing. Who gets the item is the seller's discretion. They can reject low offers or even at-asking-price offers based on a number of parameters including first person to send funds, prior experience with buyer, local buyers, etc.
  3. If you're going to make an obvious lowball offer, use private messaging (PM).
  4. No excessive bumping of other member's sales items.

Car Part Outs:

  • ONLY authorized vendors can part out multiple cars here.
  • Part outs should be posted in the appropriate "Parts For Sale" forum, not vehicles classifieds.
  • Multiple vehicle part-outs are not allowed.... it's a one time event meant for a vehicle that is disabled due to accident or one you've bought to use major pieces on your own car and are selling the rest. Buying a car specifically to part it out here is reserved for the paying vendors.
  • Planning on buying a parts car and taking future orders to sell parts of it? Absolutely not allowed. If you can't support the purchase of the parts car for without the forum support, don't buy it or plan on pre-selling parts here.

Vehicles For Sale:

  1. Vehicles may be offered for sale by all members, but no dealer posts are allowed unless they have completed the Sponsor process.
  2. Only active MiFBody members with >5 posts may post non-vehicles.
  3. Please post the location of the vehicle being sold in the description.

Advice for Buyers: Caveat Emptor

Please be cautious and use your common sense when buying something expensive from someone you don't know here on MiFBody. If something' seems too good to be true, question extensively before you buy.

Here are some easy-to-do tips that can at least help mitigate some of the risk. If you are personally uncomfortable asking for these items, we suggest you 'blame it on the rules' below to make it a safer transaction for all concerned:

  1. Ask for detailed pictures and condition description to be posted if not provided. Get full size, well lit images of the items and close ups of any blemishes to review before buying.
  2. Search on posts by sellers to see what they've bought/sold in the past. Were there any issues other people posted about? IE: PM someone who bought something big from them in the past to see if it turned out OK.
  3. Do some research on the seller. IE: Have they been a member on MiFBody long? Do they just sell stuff or do they really participate (so that people might know them better)? Did they post about having problems with the item they're now selling?
  4. Request contact information from the seller and test them where possible (get name, phone #s, physical and email addresses) to make sure they work as a way to get in touch with them.
  5. Document your transaction publicly on the forum. If a seller insists on communicating only via PM or email be suspicious. If the seller does not post a 'item sold' once you've sent payment, we suggest that the buyer proactively post something like 'payment sent' on the forum so that if the seller has intentions of promising the item to multiple buyers and running off with their money that other buyers are alerted earlier. We suggest you 'quote' the original post of the seller so that their comments are captured and cannot be edited once sold to you.

These rules are subject to change at any given time. It is your responsibility to ensure you're following the rules before posting in the Marketplace Forums.

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2000 Firebird Car & Parts sale, Koni SA Shock set, 02 CETA Leather Seats etc.

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  • 2000 Firebird Car & Parts sale, Koni SA Shock set, 02 CETA Leather Seats etc.

    Full Image Gallery Here:

    I am open to selling this car any way you want it configured. My goal is to discount it more the more stuff you buy.
    Car still has a clean title and no insurance claim was made. Engine & Transmission are both still running and functioning. I have been very thorough with maintenance on this car for the past 13 years of ownership and it has been maintained with original GM or USA made parts whenever available. I am the second owner from 80k miles to current 220,241.
    Car will include all of the following notable parts:

    Original 3.8L Series 2 Engine 220k miles, GM Aluminum lower intake gasket fix, switched to prestone coolant 60k miles ago, Mobil 1 high mileage syn oil every 5k
    4L60E 4 speed auto - Performabuilt Level 2 (List $1800) with aluminum DS
    Complete original interior (dash,console,panels etc) including dark ebony cloth seats ($1000+ in parts value) ((now missing sunvisors))
    LT1 3'' Magnaflow catback exhaust system (List $500) tips have some scraping
    New Brake system (4 mths old) 4x Loaded AC Delco calipers, 4x rotors, 4x ceramic pads ($500+)
    SLP take-off Bilstein shock/Eibach spring suspension from 99 SS.
    Founders Poly/Swivel-Joint Rear lower control arms ($100)
    Whisper intake Lid for 3800 engine. ($140)
    PIE GM9-AUX converter for 3.5mm Audio Aux-In Input for Stock CD Headunit ($100)
    Car is still running and drivable so all related parts are still working.
    All four windows/glass undamaged. 20% Tint Sides, 5% rear. No airbags deployed.

    For $900 (NOW $600) I will sell the entire car on steel spare wheels or for $1200 (NOW $800) I will include brand new 215/60/16 Blizzak WS80 snow tires on my OEM wheels. Due to the bending of the passenger fender wells, they wonít currently fit this tall of a tire setup. These tires are over $500 on their own without wheels. Tire tread depth measurements are: 10/32nds, 10/32nds, 8/32nds, 8/32nds. Only half a season of use.

    Koni shock set sold.

    Leather CETA seats sold.

    Problems with the car prior to damage:
    For roughly 3 years my TCS OFF dash light would go on randomly while driving. It was a non-issue because all I had to do was restart the car again. In the past month or two it started to cause a backfire whenever the light went off. Now the car will occasionally stall when this happens. Happens maybe once or twice a week out of 10x 25 mile trips. I still donít know the cause of this as I have never heard anyone else having this problem. Could be as simple as a sensor or electrical connector.
    Both A/C & Heater blower donít turn on/make any noise. Never looked into it.

    Problems with car after damage:
    As mentioned above both passenger wheel wells have moved in too close towards the tires which could cause rubbing and tire damage. I have one spare on the front as shown in the pictures but the back will need one also (or you can bend/cut the fenders). Pass headlight obviously is damaged, that whole area needs work if you feel like rebuilding it instead of just buying this for parts.

    I have not priced out the 17x9.5 wheels or 275/40/17 tires shown on the car yet until I get the new tire replacements.

    If you have a different configuration in mind feel free to inquire. I feel as though I have priced everything cheap enough to make this a no brainer deal.

    Car is located in Novi, MI
    I can be reached at 248-667-8792
    Last edited by 00firebird; November 18th, 2017, 01:29 PM.
    2000 Firebird A4 black hardtop
    intake/exhaust, fuel/ignition, pcm retune, rims/tires

  • #2
    Car is pending sale.
    I will get updated pictures on the remaining wheel sets, tire sets, and leather seats if anyone else is interested in those.
    2000 Firebird A4 black hardtop
    intake/exhaust, fuel/ignition, pcm retune, rims/tires


    • #3
      Car is back up for sale. $600 on steel wheels, $800 on OEM wheels and tire set.
      Leather seats have sold.

      All that remains including the car is:
      17x9.5'' wheel set of 5 wheels, Full album: come pick them up for $200. Includes chrome or black gorilla lugs with locking key.

      (pending) OEM 16'' wheels with 215/60/16 Blizzak WS80 snow tires: $250 picked up. (tread depth 10/32nds, 10/32nds, 8/32nds, 8/32nds.)

      (pending) 275/40/17 Indy Firehawk 500 tires (2 new unmounted, 2 like new 10/32nds) $300 picked up. Waiting on tirerack for the 2 new replacements.
      Last edited by 00firebird; Yesterday, 07:54 PM.
      2000 Firebird A4 black hardtop
      intake/exhaust, fuel/ignition, pcm retune, rims/tires