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Third Gen Service Manuals?

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  • Third Gen Service Manuals?

    I need to purchase a service manual for a 1992 RS.
    There seems to be multiple options online, some free, some on CD, and the overpriced Ebay auctions.

    Has anyone had luck with the Dave Grahm CD's?
    Are there other options for service manuals that folks are using?

    I did download a free one (I believe it was from Thirdgen), but it didn't seem complete at all, and did not look like a GM service manual.

    Let me know what you use.

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    There's a nice used one on eBay for $40 shipped. When I bought my 99 I got a set of 3 for $40 if I remember correctly. Can't beat a factory book.
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      What are you looking for? I have one...
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        I also have a factory parts book, but it may only cover 3rd Gens up to 1985.

        And I agree with Don, you can't beat a factory book.

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          I ended up getting one from RockAuto that was a reproduction of the factory manual. I'm wondering if there's a manufacturing/assembly book out there though.


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            Originally posted by TrickyTransAm View Post
            I'm wondering if there's a manufacturing/assembly book out there though.
            There is. This one erroneously labeled as 86-94. But it's an '86 book. I have not seen them for any other year.


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