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? what after market radio are you using.

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    Originally posted by TB2 View Post
    Instead of investing in a radio, invest in better mufflers to really make that motor sound sweet. Then you won't need the radio!

    Darn good point ,there !!!

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      Originally posted by skar View Post

      I ordered this one. USA 6 concours the old ones have a lot of BAD press
      They the manufacturer claims all new design and if I don't like it they will take it back. So if it does not work out I will look at vintage auto.
      Can I ask how the USA-6 worked for you all these years later? I just bought the Custom Autosound USA-740 and am keeping my fingers crossed its a good radio.
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        I went with the vintage auto radio from and have been very pleased.

        Nice clean install and very good sound.

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        Classics only cost alot if you add up what you spend!


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          Originally posted by skar View Post
          ? what after market radio are you using in you 1st gen.
          I am looking into a classic autosound USA-6
          240 watts (60 x 4) with MP3 / Ipod CD player jacks.
          I worked in the aftermarket electronics industry for some time during college so hopefully I can shine some light on your options. It all comes down if you want to cut your dash from a shaft style radio to accommodate a single DIN sized radio. Here's the issue - the custom autosound radios are GARBAGE. I'd install them, and then uninstall them the next season. You'd be better off with a 50 dollar DUAL radio. Stick with reputable brands that are CEA 2006 compliant. Never measure peak power, always RMS. This means that with a stock deck, you're only getting 4-5 watts of TRUE power to each speaker at all times.

          If you want to cut the dash, go with a nice sony, pioneer, kenwood, etc. by nice, i mean NOT the 99.99 best buy special. Expect to spend 2-350 for your deck. From here, your options are endless. Hell, even double dins are affordable these days. You can land one for 300 bucks from a good company.

          If you don't want to cut the dash, you still have options. You could always go with the custom autosound and live with its clipped signal with minimal control, or you could go with this approach.

          This is what I would do if I were in your shoes. I'd keep the stock radio in place and mount an IR repeater somewhere inconspicuous. Leave the stocker in the dash for asthetics. You could then mount an aftermarket deck behind the dash or in the trunk that can all be controlled by remote.

          If you want a better approach, you could wire in a JL audio clean sweep or audiocontrol LC4 unit and use that to send signal to an Alpine KTP445U power amp that makes 50x4 RMS. Form there, you could control your whole audio system through your phone or ipad. That's what I was primarily doing before I left the industry in 2011. I'll be happy to elaborate if you wish.


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            sorry, just noticed this thread is UBER DEAD. anyway, the info i provided is still valid and worked in many vintage applications.


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              Originally posted by ruckusz28 View Post
              sorry, just noticed this thread is UBER DEAD. anyway, the info i provided is still valid and worked in many vintage applications.
              Certainly valid - and important. Gotta keep people away from spending, frankly, a lot of money on something that is ultimately garbage.

              My '81 has a super-80's Kenwood tape deck, which I bet was really high end when my uncle had it installed (damn thing has ribbon tweeters in the doors and a full custom rear deck setup), but unless I can find Journey tapes to put in there on repeat (well, figuratively - it has to rewind), it might be worthwhile to change it out to something newer that allows Aux in, or USB. But also isn't a colossal piece of shit. This one keeps that '80s vibe alive, though, so it might be worth leaving it to maintain that.

              Even has a false-insert that makes it look like a regular AM/FM radio. Both that and the radio's metal faceplate shoot backwards upon my first 1-2 WOT shift.
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