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Spring Meet & Greet - Registration  
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Donations for Turning Point
For 2015, the Michigan FBody Meet & Greet is supporting the Turning Point charity from Mt. Clemens, Michigan, which offers services to end domestic violence and sexual abuse! To help support this great cause, we are asking for donations through payal as part of pre-registration. To be considered for judging, we ask participants to make a minimum donation of $10. We will also have various different ways to donate towards the charity at the event. Would you be willing to donate as part of pre-registration?
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        - The event staff, organizers, MiFbody.com, or Bakers of Milford can not be held responsible for any damages that occur at the event.
        - No burnouts will be tolerated at the event. Anyone who is caught doing burnouts will be asked to leave and/or their vehicle will be towed out of the show at the owner's expense.

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