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Spring Meet & Greet - Registration  
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Camaro Pontiac
1st Generation 1st Generation
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By clicking the "Submit" button below, you agree to the following:
        - The event staff, organizers, MiFbody.com, or Bakers of Milford can not be held responsible for any damages that occur at the event.
        - No burnouts will be tolerated at the event. Anyone who is caught doing burnouts will be asked to leave and/or their vehicle will be towed out of the show at the owner's expense.
        - Alcohol is only permitted inside the bar and restaurant area. Please no alcoholic beverages around the vehicles.
Donations for the Wounded Warrior Project
For 2014, the Michigan FBody Meet & Greet is supporting the Wounded Warrior Project! To help support this great cause, we are asking for donations through payal as part of pre-registration. To be considered for judging, we ask participants to make a minimum donation of $10. We will also have various different ways to donate towards the charity at the event. Would you be willing to donate as part of pre-registration?

As of 1/28/2014 - Michigan FBody has donated just over $300 in pre-registration donations to the Wounded Warrior Project! Let's keep it going!
Yes, I'll donate! No

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